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“I’m sure you hear this all the time but I couldn’t stop singing songs of praise to the staff at the Lexington Law Firm. I got an updated copy of my Experian Credit Report today and I was so happy I started jumping up and down in the driveway. They deleted six out of nine negative entries — and in less than two months — now that’s what I call SERVICE. I can’t wait to see the negative entries fall off my other reports as well! Thanks a million!”

— A., Lexington client*

“Thank you for doing this for me, it is such a one-on-one service you all provide, dedicated ’till the end, able to work out any up and coming problem, a resolve, an end, a good end. All of you and yours have a safe & happy Thanksgiving… I love you guys… We are having our FIRST Thanksgiving because of you in our OWN HOME!!! THANK YOU!!!”

— The S.’s, Lexington clients*

“I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing what you were able to do with my credit after only a few months, it is very reassuring. Thank you for everything that you are doing for me and please pass on to your staff my appreciation for all of the hard work.”

T.B., Lexington client*

“I know you must get millions of e-mails, but I want to quickly let you know how much I appreciate the report I received, and the also the note from you. Since we spoke, I have received the most prompt response from the credit bureau, and more information for me to use in expediting the process. Thanks for your professionalism and conscientious approach to my situation.”

V.P., Lexington client*

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*Important: While the testimonials and other information on this website may be exciting, Lexington Law promises only to perform the steps we’ve agreed to in each client’s case and to charge each month only for steps already completed. As with any legal work, no outcome is promised. Your results will vary.

Lexington Law Review

Lexington Law Firm


Choosing a credit repair company can be a challenging task, but Lexington Law is one of the top choices available. The company has nearly 20 years of experience helping their countless clients to restore their credit. The company takes a positive and effective approach to helping dispute any and all mistakes on your credit report. By offering clients three distinct levels of service, you are able to be actively involved by controlling which items need to be disputed. Lexington Law also makes it simple to get started and begin getting your credit score to where it needs to be. An online consultation is offered on the company’s website for prospective clients.


-Paralegals actively work on repairing your credit at each of the three credit reporting agencies.
-Professional attorneys are put in charge of overseeing the repair process and are always available to help clients with any out-of-the-ordinary challenges that arise.
-Service is paid for on a month to month basis, which means that you know your credit is being protected and repaired continuously.

Clients who opt for the Concord level of service have access to special features such as goodwill interventions, frequent information requests, and validation of debt. You will also have access to an important feature known as Report Watch, which is a system that can monitor the status of your credit report and notify paralegals of suspicious activity. The monthly credit score analysis is the company’s way of helping you keep track of your current credit score and also teaches you ways in which you can boost your score. Clients who choose the premier level of service are also enrolled in Lexington Law’s Identity Theft Insurance program.


Lexington Regular Service: $49.95 per month plus a one-time $99.95 setup fee
Concord Standard Service: $69.95 per month plus a one-time $99.95 setup fee
Concord Premier Service: $89.95 per month plus a one-time $99.95 setup fee

These fees do not include the cost of obtaining a copy of your credit report. Each new client is charged with the responsibility of obtaining a current copy of his or her credit report and forwarding it to Lexington. Most states allow you to access your credit report once a year for free and charge a small fee for any additional copies.

Final Recommendation:

Repairing your credit report calls for serious legal help from qualified professionals. Lexington Law has proven that it is able to help its clients in a professional and efficient manner. The three different service levels allow each client to decide how much they are willing to put into the service. Clients are given the ability to determine which items should be disputed and they are in full control of the repair process. The experience that Lexington Law’s attorneys bring to the table will give you the advantage that you need when dealing with those who have reported your credit history. Lexington Law also offers all of its clients a money-back guarantee, so you can be ensured that satisfaction will be the end result when trying to repair your credit history.

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My Lexington Law Review

Like so many of my friends that I graduated college with, I got in a little over my head when the economy collapsed and I lost my job. In order to get by, I survived on my credit cards, but it was only a matter of time before I was avoiding calls from collection agencies and my bank. My once respectable credit score tanked, and my credit report filled up with negative items and some things I didn’t even recognize. Fortunately for me, I was able to find work and get back on my feet, but my credit score told another story.

One of my friends who had similar credit problems told me about Lexington Law, a company that cleaned up his report and raised his score, so I decided that I had nothing to lose by checking them out.

Credit Report Repair

After speaking with a Lexington Law representative over the phone during my free consultation, I was surprised to hear how quickly the company wanted to get started repairing my credit history. I really felt as if they treated me like an individual, and not just another customer. They requested a copy of my credit report from all three credit bureaus, and within days I was able to select which items I would like them to dispute, right from my home computer. In less than two months of using Lexington Law’s services, my credit report showed that four negative items has been deleted! I was so relieved, because there was no way I could have done this alone.

Raised My Credit Scores

Before working with Lexington Law, my credit score was hovering around 530, which really made buying a new car a big struggle. As negative and questionable accounts began to disappear on my credit report, my FICO score from all three reporting agencies improved more than 200 points each. Thanks to Lexington Law, buying that new car was a breeze and now I have the credit I need to get a loan for a new house.

Cost Efficient

My favorite thing about Lexington Law is that they recognize that every person’s credit situation is unique and requires different levels of support. Because of this, Lexington Law offers three levels of credit repair service, based on the needs of their clients. I used the Concord Premiere service because I needed the most comprehensive level of credit support possible, but other clients can choose the level that best fits their situation and budget. Lexington Law guaranteed my satisfaction, which gave me peace of mind, and let me know that I could cancel any time I felt the need.

I had a choice when it came to repairing my credit, but I’m glad I picked the company who responded quickly to my requests, backed me with professional legal support, and guaranteed results. Choosing Lexington Law to repair my credit gave me a clean credit history and a new lease on life.